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Create your own personalized browband with natural stone beading.  A one on one design consultation is included where you will select leather and bead combinations that perfectly suit you and your horse.

Browband personalized w/ natural stone

SKU: 0003
  • Natural stone beads have beautiful color without being overly flashy.  Choose from:   Green Aventurine, a good luck stone.                                                        Lapis and Blue Aventurine, calming and success.                                  Snowflake Obsidian, a volcanic stone said to balance                                                             mind body and spirit.                                                  Tiger Eye, brings good luck and protection.                                             Brecciated Jasper and Red Tiger Eye, for strength                                                              and vitality.

    If you would like any of these stones used in a different design then shown, please write a message in the "Notes" section when you order.  I will contact you to customise your browband.




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